It was hard at first

30 years ago i was a foolish young man. i had just enough money saved (yeah, right, i hustled just enough money (in an honest way!)) to buy a jaffels stand and the license to run it. Come to think of it, the license cost me more than the stand! But, we had some loyal customers and word got around. After a year or so our jaffels stand got mentioned in the city's annual "Best of....." guide.

"Wow, really?!....." i recall a friend said to me, "Best jaffels stand in the city?! That's great!" I just smiled and said: "Best outdoor dining experience in the city."

How did we do that? How does a jaffels stand manage to outrank the swanky sidewalk cafe's in the city? Who knows?

An event seen from one point of view gives one impression. Seen from another point of view it gives quite a different impression. It's only when you get the whole picture that you can fully understand what's going on. Don't worry about other's point of view.