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Has the design industry let their audiences down?  Because they either stopped designing great solutions or they started designing solutions that had no bearing on people's lives.  So the designs became irrelevant to the very users they were intended for.


We thought design is a little bit more than just design.  We thought design was about what you FEEL about what you do and the feeling users have when they engage with your design.  We don’t know if that’s how it is supposed to be.  But for US that is what design is about.


Designs have to speak to their audiences.  


We decided we needed to be part of the change we weren’t seeing.  We used that initial motivation and inspiration, that original spark to try something new. We went back to our roots and drew on all our design experiences to date. We opened up shop, again, DNA Design is back at a very exciting time in the evolution of design.


Service Design, User Experience Design, Design Research, Ideation, Design consulting, you name it, we know it - well. We put our design skills to use and have designed our new way to elevate businesses with design led practice. 


Design advisors, experts, mentors, and comrades to inspire, help, get our hands dirty, whatever the design call entails. We are your muse to inspire, your emergency contact for help, your right hand designer pitching in to support your design needs for today and tomorrow.


human centered design - ideation - service design - user experience design design research employee/vendor/customer experience design a think-design-first approach - and more!

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