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Updated: Apr 21

With 'Working-From-Home' fast becoming our new normal, we asked what other ways we making our employees (and one anothers) lives easier and safer? It never made sense to us to avoid the office while still going to busy shopping malls and retailers to get our essentials like food. Not exactly productive nor safe. And what about those that do not have the privilege of 'Working-From-Home' like teachers and medical professionals? People who we as a community heavily rely on. How are we helping them, how can we support them in other ways that can make their lives easier and safer. We decided to do something about it. We spoke to a few local, humble stores in the community (a butcher, green grocer, bakery, fishery, toiletries) to help them get their produce into those valued employees hands, through delivery to their home or place of work, reducing the need to shop in store. And, come to think of it - these authentic, local shop owners whom we have relied on over the years, have also been suffering, having to endure these trying times with customers turning to new pop up online stores or big corporate retailers with budgets for an online delivery offering. Many of these local store owners do not have the know-how nor the budget to open online stores. How does it work?

  1. Employees simply view all the products via our WhatsApp broadcast (or email).

  2. They place an order in the same way - via WhatsApp (or email).

  3. They use their business unique code which entitles them to something special (free delivery or a discount - this is decided on by the business)?

  4. Once a week orders are delivered to the office (or home).

This initiative became bigger than what we envisioned: whilst providing businesses with a means to provide their employees with a way to shop which is safe for them and less intrusive when working from home, businesses were also supporting our local humble store owners in the community. This started to feel like both a business social responsibility AND employee experience initiative. A true example of how what starts as a small gesture to positively impact one's work experience, become one with much bigger impact and meaning for the community in which the business exists.

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